Serving the Gator Good

The University of Florida Alumni Association Board of Directors is made up of Gators from different home towns and professions who have come together around a common goal: keeping fellow alumni and friends connected to UF. Their service makes The Gator Nation® stronger!

Scroll down to learn more about the men and women from around the world who represent The Gator Nation as members of the UFAA Board of Directors.

Photo: Members of the Board of Directors at their summer 2016 meeting.

Past Presidents

Since 1906, 94 different Gators have led the UFAA. Meet the men and women who built us into the force we are today.

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Upcoming Meetings

Learn about new UF research, exciting Alumni Association events and developments from around The Gator Nation®.

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Presidential Appointees

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Renee H. Dabbs, BA
Presidential Appointee
Tampa, FL

Kevin M. Mayeux, BA/JD
Presidential Appointee
Vienna, VA


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Susan D. Webster
Student Body President
Tampa, FL

Joshua D. Beychok
Florida Cicerones President
Sarasota, FL

Hartmut Derendorf
Distinguished Alumni Professor
Gainesville, FL

Marsha D. Powers, MBA
UF Board of Trustees Rep.
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Regional Directors

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Amanda L. Robinson, BSPR
Region 1 Director
Sebastian, FL

Christopher L. Carmody, BA/JD
Region 2 Director
Orlando, FL

Rodney S. Fischer
Region 3 Director
Clearwater, FL

Lori Spivey, BA
Region 4 Director
Orlando, FL

Barbara Geiger, BSN
Region 5 Director
Gainesville, FL

Kevin M. Mayeux, BA/JD
Region 6 Director
Vienna, VA

James E. Gadsby, BSBA
Region 7 Director
Marietta, GA

David W. Uslan, BSAC/MACC
Region 8 Director
Tualatin, OR

Jacqueline M. Davison, BSJ
Region 9 Director
Alexandria, VA

At-Large Directors

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Ashton E. Adler, BA/MS
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

J. Carter Andersen, BSBA/JD
Tampa, FL

Pamela J. Bondi, BA
Tallahassee, FL

Jason T. Brodeur, BSA/MBA
Tallahassee, FL

Derek E. Bruce, BSTEL/JD/MBA
Orlando, FL

Stephen Bunch, BSAC/MACC
Tampa, FL

Betty Cortina-Weiss, BSJ
Pompano Beach, FL

Mark J. Criser, BA/MA/JD
Tampa, FL

Bobby D. DuBose, BA
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Juan C. Enjamio, BSBA
Miami, FL

Brent A. Gordon, BA/MED/JD
Tampa, FL

Gretta Granado, BSCHE
Houston, TX

Jess Joaquin Johnson, BSBA/BSJ/MS
Tampa, FL

Jessica Furst Johnson, JD
Alexandria, VA

Sunil N. Joshi, BS/MD
Jacksonville, FL

Kristine M. Lambert, BA/JD
Portland, OR

Bradley M. Levine, BSA
Boca Raton, FL

Larry P. Medvinsky, BSAC
Scarsdale, NY

Jocelyn M. Moore, BA/MED
Washington, DC

Barbara Pressly-Tilman, BSR
Tampa, FL

Katrina D. Rolle, JD
Tallahassee, FL

Edwin Scales III, BSTEL/JD
Miami, FL

Linnea L. Schramm, BS/BSN/MSNSG/JD
Chicago, IL

Bettina Weiss, BSAC
Hobe Sound, FL

Homer “Scooter” Willis BSEE/MBA/ME/Ph.D.
Boca Raton, FL

Carlina J. Womeldorph, BSAC/MBC
Parker, TX

Danny Wuerffel, BSPR
Decatur, GA

Tad A. Yates, BA/JD
Orlando, FL