Sustaining Life Membership

Members of The Gator NationĀ® are born to stand out. Sustaining Life Members of the University of Florida Alumni Association are elite supporters who are going above and beyond to ensure a bright future of the UFAA. Their pledge of an annual contribution, beyond their life membership, allows the UFAA to maintain and enhance programs it offers on behalf of our University.

To our Sustaining Life Members, thank you for your unwavering support of the University of Florida Alumni Association. Your contributions are aiding the future and prosperity of The Gator Nation.

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Platinum ($1,000+)

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Gloria and Donald Browne

Jacqueline M. Davison

Thomas DiMarino and Laura Bergen-DiMarino*

David Duke 

Juan Enjamio*

Lynda Farkas

Pamela and Alan Green

Eric Handler

Ruthie Harris

Marilyn and Henry Mallue

Larry P. Medvinsky

Mary and James Milton

Ruth Peacock

Carolyn and Angel Reyes

Carlina and James Womeldorph

Gold ($500 - $999)

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Rebeca Bechily*

Maria Carantzas*

Dorothy Haddox*

Gerald Kunde*

Cynthia and Ken Sinervo

Robert Smith

David and Sarah Uslan

Sandra King Williams and Edward Williams

Paul and Patti Winniczuk*

Silver ($250 - $499)

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Kimberly Burns*

Radha Burns*

Frederick Fisher

Michael Geary

Don J. Gundry*

Edward Heidtman*

John Higbe

Amy and Bryan Huff

Thomas and Marietta Jennings

Russell Levitt

Lisa Lewis*

F. Marshall Parker

Edward Prokop*

Patrick Riggins

Ann Tyree

Robert Waxlax*

Germaine and Michael Wilson

Mark Zimmerman

Blue ($100 - $249)

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Fred L. Addison

Myra and James Adee 

Diane Alexander

T. Barber

Juanita Beidelman

Danon L. Brantley*

Jeffrey Brink*

Gregory Cancilla*

Jennifer Cloutier

Robin Cohen

Deborah Crews

Kara and Christopher Cupoli

Roger DeVore

Charles Dorman

George Draughon

George Dunn

Jarrod and Meredith Frydman

John Gaines

Mary Copeland and Jose Gonzalez

Thomas Graser

Nancy Hall

Jack Haskins

Albert Hatcher

Lee Hauer

Mary Heeb

J. Hoffman

Gianina and Neale Ireland

Bonita Jernigan

Patricia Johnson

Maxwell King

Jeanine Keating

Drew Keith*

Keith Ketchman

Colleen Kremer

A. Kujawa

Erin Kurinsky

Louis Larson*

Teri Levin

Millicent and Olive Locke

David Lowe*

Latha Maine*

Diane and Dennis MacInnes

Kathleen and Clifton McClelland

Michelle and Michael McNerney

Alan Mibab

Suzanne and Edward Mickler

Robert J. Murphy, Jr.*

Suzanne and Brad Murphy

William Murphy*

Frances Muse

John and Betty Neller*

Ginny Norregaard

Suzanne and Guy Norris

Barbara Nunn

Arthur Perkins

Heather Petrie*

Patricia and William Phinney

Vanessa Pippin

R. Platt

Judy Lynn and Bob Prince*

Randall Roberts

Harry Sawyer

Suzanne and Don Schomer

Robert W. Sherwood*

Clara Jane Smith

Kevin Smith*

Adan Sosa

James Stidham

Monty Trainer*

Mark Trowbridge

Jacqueline Trudeau

Lawrence Tyree

Laura and James Verplanck

Harold White

Patricia Williams

Julie Willis

Camille Worsnop*

Michelle Yates

Anita Zucker*

Orange ($1 - $99)

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Amalia Alvarez 

Carlene Barrett*

John Benton*

Barbara and Ronald Boenau

Teresita Bond

Janet and Mike Carroll

Joyce Carroll

Scott Carroll

Patricia A. Chamings*

Catherine China

Kaye Collie*

Renee and Brooks Dabbs

Robin Froug

Daniel Gonzalez

Corine and William Grant

Paz Kent*

Kimberly M. Kuizon-Giasone

Pamela and Sidney LaCroix

Albert Losch

Gene Magrini

Bettye Manee

James Martin

Charles Montgomery

Luke Napodano*

Suzan Nash

John Neville

Jane Potter*

Carolina and Rogelio Puerto

Larry and Susan Reese

Elaine and St. Julien Rosemond

Robb Ross

Karlie Kelley and John Ryan

Kelly and Michael Sablowski

Denise Simpson

Robert Staley

Edgar Voyles*

Connie Walter

Charles Wilhelm

Gerald Yeager

Jeffrey Zumarraga*

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