Successful Alumni Story

Each week, we will feature alumni who are successful in their careers and in life, and who embody the positive impact of The Gator Nation®.

Bob Graham



The Hon. Bob Graham has dedicated his decade-spanning professional career to public service. A former United States Senator and Florida governor who witnessed the rise of Florida’s economic and political influence, Sen. Graham remains an active advocate for public policy. In 2006 he founded the University of Florida Bob Graham Center for Public Service, with the mission to train the next generation of public and private sector leaders for Florida, the United States and the international community. The center provides students with the tools and resources to actively participate in civil engagements and strengthen our nation’s democratic institutions.

In honor of Sen. Graham’s generous contributions to public service and The Gator Nation®, he received an honorary doctor of public service degree from the UF College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and was inducted into the UF Hall of Fame in 2002.

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