We're looking for volunteers to help us with various tasks throughout the year. Don't deny yourself this opportunity to get involved, share your knowledge, maybe learn a few new things, and get to know many great Gators in the Portland area! If you're interested, contact club president Mary Peters. 

Officer Position Descriptions

President - The Gator Club President is responsible for the management of the club, the appointment of committee chairpersons, and general leadership. The President is responsible for signing the Gator Club Annual Financial Report and submitting it to the Alumni Association by the required deadline (August 15). 

President-Elect - The Gator Club President-Elect assists the President and prepares to take on the President role in the following year.
Secretary - The Secretary keeps appropriate club records (non-financial), including the minutes of all club meetings.
Treasurer - The Treasurer is responsible for preparing the Gator Club’s Annual Financial Report. The Treasurer is also responsible for keeping accurate income and expense statements.
Academics - The Academic VP is responsible for promoting support for the various academic programs of the University. He/She also serves to organize student scholarships and the selection process. This role will interact with other clubs in Region 8 for the scholarship endowment fund.
Athletics - The Athletic VP works with the Alumni Association to secure athletic speakers for events and activities. Because coaches and former UF athletes are not frequent in the Pacific Northwest, this role also has traditionally organized the annual picnic during the beginning of football season.
Communications - The VP of Communication’s main duty is to prepare and promote the Club through web and media outlets. The VP of Communication should assist in promotion of all club events (through their own web page and the UFAA site) and assist with club newsletters and email list serve.
Fundraiser - The Fundraising Chair is responsible for ordering merchandise for the club to sell and raise money to support our scholarship funds.
Young Alumni Coordinator - The Young Alumni Coordinator is responsible for coordinating programs targeted to graduates of the last ten years. The Coordinator should also promote Alumni membership to recent graduates and encourage participation within the club.
Outreach - The Outreach VP is responsible for developing programs, in conjunction with the Alumni Association, to bring speakers from the University to the club’s area. Because UF speakers do not frequently come to the Pacific Northwest, this role also includes coordination of all volunteer activities, such as International Gator Day and Adopt-a-Family.

Current Officers

President  Mary Peters
 Erin Harris
 Secretary  Nicole Larson
 Treasurer  David Uslan
 Sebastian Estades
 Social Media Chair
 Anna Ho
 Communications VP
 Erin Harris
 Fundraising Chair
 Young Alumni Coordinator
 Outreach VP
 Member At Large
 Academics Open
 Athletics Open