Sustaining Life Membership

Members of The Gator Nation® are born to stand out. Sustaining Life Members of the University of Florida Alumni Association are elite supporters who are going above and beyond for the bright future of the UFAA. Their pledge of an annual contribution, beyond their life membership, allows the UFAA to maintain and enhance programs it offers on behalf of our University.

To our Sustaining Life Members, thank you for your unwavering support of the University of Florida Alumni Association. Your contributions are aiding the future and prosperity of The Gator Nation.

2016-17 Donors

Thank You 2017-2018 Donors

* Past Donors

Platinum ($1,000+)

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Laura Bergen-DiMarino*

Michael Corbin

David Duke*

Lynda Farkas*

Nancy and Merritt Fore

Eric Handler*

James Hennessy

Lisa Harper

Steven Kress

Marilyn and Henry Mallue*

Patricia Ostrosky*

Carolyn Reyes*

Lori Spivey*

Karen Unger*

Susan Washer

Gold ($500 - $999)

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Katherine and Vick Crespin

Erlinda Perez and Earl Hales

Reid Henson

Gerald Kunde*

Ronald McFarland*

Todd McCabe

Barbara and John Neel

Christie Smith

Thomas Sung

Glenn Tucker

Janice Unwin

Benjamin Wallace

Silver ($250 - $499)

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Donna Barrio

Peter Congiundi

Herbert Dore

George Draughon*

Christina and Kurt Ewoldt

Emily Goldstein

Corine Grant*

Dorothy Haddox*

Amy and Bryan Huff*

Lois and Drew Keith*

Janson Kinsley

Sharon Lancaster

Lisa Lewis*

Kevin Mayeux

Donald Moye

Brian Neville

Cameron Quinn*

Edward Prokop*

Zora Shuck*

Robert Waxlax*

Merrell Williams*

John Woodward

Blue ($100 - $249)

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Charity and Paul Ackerman

Jessica and Michael Adams

Fred Addison*

Andrea and David Allen

Michael Aschoff*

William Barnhart*

Charles Beauchamp

John Blackmon

Linda and Delmus Brim

John Brennan

Kristin Carter*

William Chandler

Robin Cohen*

Jennifer Cloutier*

Deborah Crews*

Martha Curl*

Elizabeth Kidder and Gregory DeAngelo

Ann and Roger DeVore*

Charles Dimmick

Fred Diamond

George Dunn*

Nancy and Donald Dubois

Kay and Robert Estes

Cindy and Randall Ezell

Jo Ann Farb

Elaine Fiorino

Meredith Frydman*

Mary Copeland and Jose Gonzalez*

Albert Green

John Gaines*

Lee Hauer*

Jean Hanna*

Harlan Harrell

Karen Holley

Dawn and Michael Huskey

Jeanne Isaacs*

Louis Jaeger*

Daniel Jones

Andre Kennedy

Erin Kurinsky*

Louis Larson*

Lara Osofsky Leader*

Millicent and Olive Locke*

David Lowe*

Hugh McKain

Caryn McDermott

Suzanne Mickler*

Alana Modlin

Pat and Nat Moore

Diane and Dennis MacInnes*

Anita and Sam McClelland

Joseph Merritt

Robert Murphy*

Betty Neller*

Karen Newberg*

Barbara Nunn*

Angela Pearson

Heather Petrie*

Patricia and William Phinney*

Robert Porter

Matthew Prebble

Elizabeth and Robert Risch

Rafael Robayna

John Roberts

Randall Roberts*

Michael Russell

Arleen Schultz

Marvin Slott

John Shafer

Dorothy Stidham

Leisa and Wayne Shindoll

Christine and Jeremy Sensenig

Michele and Scott Shapiro

Kevin Smith*

Mary Anne Smith

Karie Stophel*

Tracy Thomas

Ina and Allen Tonkin

Lois Trudeau

Monty Trainer*

Christine and George Ternenyi

Tracy Thomas

Mark Trowbridge*

Marjorie Turnbull*

Peter Vizzi

Susan Whiting

Matthew Williamsv

Camille Worsnop*

James Wohlford

Orange ($1 - $99)

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Christine Aruza*

Bruce Bates

Teresita Bond*

Barbara Boenau*

Patricia Chamings*

Veer Choudhry

Andy Crawford

Katherine and Michael Davidson

Peggy Dennard*

Nancy Dschida

Robert Krause and David Garcia

Daniel Gonzalez*

Robert Hackett

Christopher Hyers

James Hunt*

Katie Johnson*

Jennifer Kastensmidt

Paz Kent*

Margaret and Paul Kidd

Pamela LaCroix*

Eric LeSage

Lori and Alan Lovesky

Maria and Michael Lwanga

Ramon Martinez

Gene Magrini

Randall Luzier

Gene Magrini*

Bettye Manee*

Sylvia and Phillip Maggio

Luke Napodano*

Lynn Patterson

Jane Potter*

Claire Pulignano

Phoebe and David Raulerson

Dean Robertson*

Rachel and Howard Routman

Robert Sanchez

Jonathan Shaw

William Taylor

Larry Thompson

Charles Wallace

Denise Watermeier

Janice Weinsoff

Kimberlie and Andrew Wheeler

Karen Walkinshaw-Garris

Charles Wilhelm*

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