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5 Reasons to Volunteer with the Tampa Gator Club


Make a Difference

The Tampa Gator Club provides merit-based scholarships to deserving students right here in the Tampa Bay area.  Last year, the TGC awarded 10 students! In addition to the merit based scholarship. TGC also donates to the Florida Opportunity Scholars program, an initiative that supports low-income undergraduate students who are first in their families to attend college who might not otherwise attend UF because of financial barriers.

Read more about Florida Opportunity Scholarships here.

School Pride

Being a Gator is about Gator Pride in the positive things that we do.  The Tampa Gator Club is ultimately committed to supporting academically talented students in the Tampa Bay Area on their journey to the University of Florida .

Meet New Friends

It’s fun!  Volunteering brings all walks of life together and no matter your personality, interests, or background, you have a connection – a love for the GATORS . There is no telling who you may meet, or what sort of impact they could have on your life, and this brings possibly one of the most exciting aspects to volunteering.

Explore Other Interests

Sometimes we find ourselves in a monotonous routine and need to balance our life with a variety of activities that can be both relaxing and energizing.  Volunteering is a great way to add a new activity that you don’t have an opportunity to do on a daily basis.

Enhance Your Education

Sometimes the most valuable lessons are taught out of the classroom. Applying hands-on experience to assist in a fun event that is ultimately committed to bettering your community  is going to be a valuable asset to your learning and overall Tampa experiences.

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Photo credit: ufalumni.ufl.edu