How to Join

Joining the UF Alumni Association is simple. There are single and joint memberships available on both an annual and lifetime basis. To join click here.         

If you are student at the University of Florida, you can become a Student Member of the Alumni Association.

Apply up to three years of your annual dues as a credit towards a life membership. To take advantage of this offer, or to find out more information, please call our office at 1-888-352-5866 or (352) 392-1905.

UF Alumni Association Membership Dues:

  • Single annual membership: $40
  • Joint annual membership: $50
  • Legacy Gator Club®: $10 annually
  • Single life membership: $800
  • Single life membership payment plan: 5 annual payments of $170
  • Joint life membership: $1000
  • Joint life membership payment plan: 5 annual payments of $220

Recent Grad Rates*

  • Single Annual: $25
  • Joint Annual: $35
  • Single Life: $600
  • Single life membership payment plan: $140
  • Joint Life: $800

*These rates apply up to four years after your last degree from UF. Once you have paid regular fees, you cannot return to this membership level.