Member Benefits

There are no membership dues to join the Portland Gator Club.  However, we encourage you to consider joining the UF Alumni Association, of which we are a part.

Five Reasons to Join:

  • Your membership supports Gator scholarships!
  • Easy way to give back & stay connected to UF.
  • Lots of travel discounts available thru Alumni Association membership.  Discounts received on 1 car rental can pay for the membership.
  • You don't have to be a UF grad to join, you just have to be a GATOR!
  • Network Socially & Professionally with 900+ Gators in the metro area.
  • Gather with local Gators to watch Gator football and never miss a Gator game because local affiliates choose not to show it.
  • A small portion of membership dues comes back to the club
Join Online by completing a Membership Form. All membership dues are tax-deductible.

Annual Membership

Recent grads receive great discounts on membership! Just $25 for individual annual memberships (or $35 joint) for alumni within 4 years of graduation. Regular memberships are $40 for individuals and $50 for joint memberships.


Lifetime Membership

Why not consider a lifetime membership? Lifetime memberships can save you money! Also, if you have been an annual member for three consecutive years, you may apply those dues to a lifetime membership. Lifetime dues are perpetual support for The Gator Nation because they are put into a growing endowment, unlike annual dues that are allocated to an annual budget.

Club Lifetime Members 

Daniel Bravo
Susan Bravo
Ike Eisenbach
Sherry Eisenbach
Pam Field
Justin Manry
Angie Sit
David Uslan
Sarah Uslan