Gator Good

International Gator Day!

International Gator Day is a day when Gators come together to volunteer. Each year, Gators worldwide join forces to positively impact their communities. Gator Clubs from Key West to New York to Seattle to Japan and beyond participate in this day of service. This annual event enlists the strength and size of the Gator Nation to help organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, food banks and clean-up/beautification projects.
Join us wearing orange and blue on Saturday May 20, 2017 from 9am - 1 pm.

at Community Cooperative located at 3429 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Ft. Myers 33916.

Our Team accomplished:

16 lattices installed in the Able Garden and countless weeds pulled

100 meals served in the soup kitchen

350 meals prepped for Meals on Wheels

17 Meals on Wheels meals delivered

Stocked about 500 pounds between what came off the truck and what was loaded

Job well done Gators!


International Gator Day 2016- We cleaned the beach at Bowditch Point