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Requirements for Board Members:

  • All members of the board must be members in good standing of the University of Florida Alumni Association.
  • All members of the board will host at least one game watch party during their tenure, including set-up, clean-up and fundraising activities.
  • All members of the board will assist in the development and execution of programs and events to engage alumni and friends of the University of Florida in the Greater Philadelphia region.
  • All members of the board will be eligible to represent the Philadelphia Gator Club at events and programs hosted by the University of Florida Alumni Association.

Board positions include:


The President shall be the person who held the office of President-Elect during the immediately
preceding term of office. The President shall preside at all Club , Board, and Executive
Committee meetings, appoint chairs and committee members, and perform such other duties as
prescribed in these Rules or as assigned by the Board. The President is authorized on behalf of
the Club to sign any reports required by law or by the Board, the Executive Committee, or the
Alumni Association, or otherwise incident to the office. The term for a president of the Philadelphia Gator Club is two years.


The President-Elect shall perform the duties of the President in the absence or disability of the


The Treasurer shall have custody of all of the funds of the Club, keep a full and accurate account
of the receipts and expenditures, and make disbursements as authorized by the Board. The
Treasurer shall present a financial statement at such times as requested by the Board, make a full
financial report at meetings of the membership, and file financial reports as required by the
Alumni Association. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the maintenance of such books of
account and records as necessary.


The Secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings of the Club and of the Board. and perform
such other duties as may be delegated by the Board.

VP of Outreach

The VP of Outreach is responsible for managing any programs planned by the University of Florida Alumni Association in the Philadelphia Region and maintaining positive relationships with other Alumni entities in the area to promote and/or plan events to enrich our members' experiences. 

VP of Academics

The VP of Academics is responsible for convening the annual scholarship committee and representing the club at admissions and recruitment events as planned and requested by the UF Admissions office.

VP of Athletics

The VP of Athletics is reponsible for planning and executing athletic events including the Annual Golf Outing.

VP of Communications

The VP of Communications is responsible for the maintenance of website and social media communications for the club.

Young Alumni Coordinator

The Young Alumni Coordinator is responsible for planning events and programs to engage members and soon-to-be members under the age of 35.

Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for planning the annual International Gator Day event and additional volunteer opportunities to serve the club and the broader community.

Board Member At-Large
The duties of an at-large board member (and all board members) is to participate in the leadership and decision-making of the club. Additional responsibilities of all board members include the planning and execution of at least one sports viewing party (Football, Basketball or other) including set-up, clean-up and half-time raffle. The typical time commitment for a board member is between 10 and 40 hours and is flexible to accommodate schedules and life-circumstances of all members of the University of Florida Alumni Association.

Do you have any special talents or skills that you wish to share with the club? We welcome you to contact us to discuss ways you may assist the club in programming and events, on a committee or even as an at-Large Board Member. Email us at for more information!