Charli Nicole Goodman



Charli_Nicole_GoodmanALUM_40Under40_Logo-white-01.pngCharli Nicole Goodman
BA '04  |  Salt Lake City, UT

Patrol Captain
Salt Lake City Police Department
Government Services


Charli is a 14-year veteran with the Salt Lake City Police Department and a Captain over the Liberty Patrol Division. In 2004, she graduated Summa cum Laude from UF with a French degree. In 2006, she attained my Master’s Degree in Middle East Studies from the University of Utah.

In my career, she was a patrol officer, undercover VICE Detective, Narcotics Sergeant, and Internal Affairs Lieutenant. In 2019, she was a member of the United Nations Task Force (the first UN Conference held in the U.S. outside of UN headquarters in New York).

Currently, she mentors young females who wish to be leaders in our community and volunteers with Camp Fury Utah to introduce young women into public safety, develop their leadership skills and confidence.

She collaborates with the refugee community in Salt Lake City to improve relationships with the police and develop trust. In addition, she volunteered with the Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault and work with the Refugee Center of Salt Lake providing education on gang activities and police encounters.

Charli was one of six officers nationally selected to speak in the Oval Office on 21st Century Policing with Former President Obama and Former VP Joe Biden. In the Oval Office, she discussed building trust between the police and the public.

As a leader, she is passionate about Community Oriented Policing. The community’s trust and our law enforcement legitimacy are earned through fair and impartial policing on each interaction we have with the public.