Affiliate Groups

Association of Asian Alumni

Phillip Cheng, President
AAA Facebook page

The Association of Asian Alumni (AAA) is a part of, and receives support from, the UFAA. Membership with the AAA is a way to reconnect, maintain contact with friends old and new, learn from your peers, and create a mentoring relationship. The AAA facilitates alumni connections with current students and fosters connections with the university and engagement with what is happening within the APIA community at the University of Florida and beyond.

Association of Black Alumni

Robyn Hankerson, President

The Association of Black Alumni (ABA) is operated for educational and charitable purposes in support of the University of Florida, as set forth in the Association’s Charter. The ABA assists with the recruitment of retention of Black students and supports students through mentoring programs and scholarship fundraising initiatives. The ABA’s efforts also include promoting the efforts of the Institute of Black Culture, campus student groups and UF programs.

Association of Florida Blue Key Alumni

FBK Alumni Site

The Association of Florida Blue Key Alumni (AFBKA) is dedicated to the ongoing mission of leadership and public service to Florida Blue Key, the University of Florida and the Sunshine State. The AFBKA seeks to engage alumni in the different regions of Florida to enhance the organization, UF Homecoming, Gator Growl and work towards advancing the efforts of the University of Florida towards national preeminence.

Association of Florida Cicerones Alumni



The Association of Florida Cicerones Alumni's mission is to enhance the lifelong experience of being a Florida Cicerone. We do this through reunions and events, alumni mentorship, student scholarships, and career connections. Welcome home, Cicerones!

Association of Gator Band Alumni


The Association of Gator Band Alumni (AGBA) is dedicated to the ongoing improvement and strengthening of the Gator Band. The AGBA seeks to engage band alumni and friends to create and maintain a strong bond between band alumni and the University of Florida. The AGBA recognizes the value of the Gator Band experience and provides support for the program’s success.

Association of Hispanic Alumni

Katrina Cordova, President
AHA Facebook page

The Association of Hispanic Alumni (AHA) is an alumni group of Gators who are Hispanic or have a Hispanic/Latin cultural background. The goals of the AHA is to promote the University of Florida, assist current UF students to continue developing their commitment to UF and their pride in the Hispanic Culture. The AHA sponsors fundraising events to gather funds for scholarships and awards an annual “Gran Caiman” award that highlights a Hispanic Gator who has represented UF in a positive and successful manner.

Association of LGBTQ+ Alumni

Gordon Van Owen, President

The University of Florida Association of LGBTQ+ Alumni is an affiliate member of the University of Florida Alumni Association (UFAA) and connects LGBTQ+ alumni, current students and their allies to the Gator Nation.  We seek to build an environment of community, diversity and inclusion while promoting the university and champion its missions.  The organization is made up of hundreds of members from across the United States and around the world including Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, South Korea, and Taiwan.