Christopher Bucciarelli



Christopher_BucciarelliALUM_40Under40_Logo-white-01.pngChristopher Bucciarelli
BSESS '06, MD '12, House Staff '13 |  Tampa, FL

Chief Medical Officer 
St. Joseph's Hospital South

Christopher Bucciarelli, MD, MBA is the chief medical officer (CMO) of St. Joseph’s Hospital- South. As CMO, Dr. Bucciarelli assists doctors in providing safe, effective medical care to the public. His responsibilities include providing clinical oversight to physicians, ensuring regulatory compliance and evaluating quality of services.

He is a board-certified emergency medicine physician affiliated with Bay Area Emergency Physicians in Clearwater, FL since August 2016. Dr. Bucciarelli is a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Room Physicians.

Dr. Bucciarelli served as Assistant CMO at Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater prior to taking on the CMO position at St. Joesph’s Hospital-South, where he was heavily involved in creating efficiencies in operations and flow in the emergency department and throughout the hospital. He served on numerous BayCare and Morton Plant committees with topics that include stroke, emergency department and hospital services, emergency department COVID testing, hospital and health care policy, quality review and physician credentialing.

He is a triple Gator and earned his Bachelor of Science, Doctor of Medicine, and completed his residency in emergency medicine all at the University of Florida. Dr. Bucciarelli also has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Duke University, Durham, North Carolina.

In 2006, he was inducted into the University of Florida Hall of Fame for involvement on campus and service to the community. As a medical student, Chris was heavily involved in the American Medical Association (AMA) and was elected as National Chair of the AMA- Medical Student Section.