Jessica Thomas



Jessica_ThomasALUM_40Under40_Logo-white-01.pngJessica Thomas
M.Ed '16  |  Melbourne, FL

Assistant Principal
Brevard Public Schools
INDUSTRY: Education


Jessica Thomas is currently serving as an Assistant Principal with Brevard Public Schools in Brevard County, Florida. Prior to becoming an administrator, Mrs. Thomas was a teacher for 8 years and has been so thrilled to continue serving students in the same community in which she grew up. As a young girl, she felt as though she school system – and all the wonderful people in it – had a significant influence in raising her. She joined the field of education in order to make the same difference for the next generation. Mrs. Thomas has four children of her own who are/will be entering the public school system as well, so her passion for ensuring the system serves every student with excellence is deeply rooted in both her own success as well as in her children’s futures.
In her current role, Mrs. Thomas serves as an advocate for all students and works closely with teachers and school staff to give students the very best opportunity for success. Mrs. Thomas build bridges with community groups such as the local police department and other local businesses to provide rewards and opportunities for students in her school. Additionally, she is completing the Level II program, which is a rigorous leadership development program offered by the district in order to prepare assistant principals for future roles as school principals. Mrs. Thomas is also completing her Ed.D in Organizational Leadership from Grand Canyon University, expected to graduate by Summer 2022.