Stephanie Sabshin



PooleALUM_40Under40_Logo-white-01.pngStephanie Sabshin
DVM Vet Med '12 |  Tampa, FL
Founder, Executive Director and Surgeon
Harmony Vet Care


Stephanie Sabshin is the founder, Executive Director, and surgeon at Harmony Vet Care (501c3), which provides a unique and revolutionary approach to veterinary medicine. Stephanie has a diverse background in veterinary medicine, ranging from full service private practice to low-cost shelter medicine. There are two major challenges facing the veterinary industry as a whole: 1) Veterinary care can be expensive and out of reach for many owners 2) Veterinary staff are often over-worked, underpaid, and face significant compassion fatigue. Harmony was founded to help provide solutions to both of these challenges by providing owners with high quality care at an affordable price and by providing staff with a living wage, competitive benefits, and a safe and supportive working environment. Since opening in 2018, Stephanie has helped Harmony grow to 3 locations that serves over 60,000 clients and over 120,000 patients. The staff consists of 8 full-time doctors and 60 full-time support staff.

It is Stephanie’s personal mission to ensure all animals get the medical care they deserve, regardless of the owner’s finances. Through partnerships with local rescues, local referral hospitals, and the county shelter, Harmony is aiding the local rescue efforts, particularly with regards to sick and injured animals, decreasing owner surrenders due to medical conditions and inability to afford veterinary care, and helping owned animals get the lifesaving medical care they need when finances are tight. Additionally, they are aiding in the efforts to spay, neuter and vaccinate the local feral cat population. The next step in spreading the mission and methods of Harmony is teaching the next generation. Harmony provides educational opportunities to veterinary technicians and veterinary students. It is Stephanie's hope that Harmony becomes a model for other veterinary hospitals. Showing that veterinary care can be high quality and affordable. And that veterinary medicine can be a rewarding career that can provide employees with a living wage and competitive benefits.