Erin Cigich




ALUM_40Under40_Logo-white-01.pngErin Cigich

BSADV '07 |  Sarasota, FL



As a Floridian passionate about advertising, Erin was told by her professors that she might have to head to New York or San Francisco to build a career. Having worked her way through college, Erin knew it was important to secure employment as soon as possible post-graduation. She found Clickbooth in Sarasota, and loved the mission: allowing fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs to only pay for advertising that generates customers.

After interviewing in her last semester, Erin started at Clickbooth as the 10th employee five days after graduating from college. Joining a startup allowed her to experience every department and grow with the company. Nothing was ever “not in her job description” and she was willing to tackle the most difficult projects.

Since then, Erin has held several leadership positions, from director to vice president to president. When the founder was ready to step out of the day-to-day management of the company, he named her CEO, a role she has held for over four years. In that time, Erin has executed the migration of the business to purpose-built proprietary technology, led the sale of the company to private equity, completed two acquisitions and scaled the company from one office with 30 employees to three offices and 130-plus employees.