Priscilla Zelaya




ALUM_40Under40_Logo-white-01.pngPriscilla Zelaya

BAE '11, MED '12, PHD '16  Coral Springs, FL

Co-founder and COO
P4H Global in Haiti
INDUSTRY: Education


Priscilla is a Nicaraguan-American committed to eradicating abject poverty in our world. Using her three UF degrees, she works to pioneer change and radically transform Haiti’s educational system. Her non-profit has trained nearly 6,000 educators across Haiti.

Priscilla started P4H while an undergrad at UF because she believes investing in the capacity of vulnerable populations is the surest way to eradicate poverty. Under her leadership, P4H has grown to become the largest teacher training nonprofit in Haiti, now operating in all 10 of the country’s geographical departments.

Overseeing a full-time Haitian staff of 14, Priscilla provides intensive teacher training and observations to many of Haiti’s key educational institutions, including the Haitian Ministry of Education and the Inter-American Development Bank. Priscilla drew upon her rich experience as a former elementary school teacher to create P4H’s innovative educational programs and to lead the curriculum development, evaluation design and training design.

As a 30-year-old dreamer, Priscilla says it is her greatest honor to develop P4H so that Haitians and other vulnerable populations may rise.