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Life Members are considered leaders among their Gator peers. They are individuals who are dedicated to furthering the Gator Good. As a Life member you ensure that the UFAA will always be able to provide quality programming for its Students and Alumni. All Life Membership dues are invested into the Life Member Endowment, thus providing support in perpetuity. This exclusive membership is offered at a variety of price-points to accommodate those wishing to show their support at every stage of life."

This is where you belong: the University of Florida Alumni Association. Strengthen your connection to The Gator Nation® and support activities for current students and alumni by becoming a member.

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Richard D. Santangelo (BSMME '72)
President and CEO
Apollo Engineering Solutions
Lorton, VA

"I'm a Gator supporter. My blood runs orange and blue! It [UF] basically gave me the skill sets and the training to do what I'm doing now. [As a mentor], I want to share my experience with young people to help them develop fulfilling careers."

Tarah L. Benefield (BAE '13)
Kindergarten teacher
Orlando, FL

"I signed up (to be a Life Member) because UF has been my home for the past four years, and I want to stay connected. Hopefully, someday soon I will buy season tickets and attend games on the other (shadier) side of The Swamp. Being a Gator means school pride and being a part of the best university in the state of Florida and the country - and lots of great SEC football! Being a part of The Gator Nation is exciting because The Gator Nation® is everywhere."

Jose Alvarez (BSISE '94)
Director of Purchasing,
Warehousing and Logistics
Disney Cruise Line
Orlando, FL

"The University of Florida, specifically the industrial engineering department, developed my skill set and provided many of the tools I use to be successful in my career. I recognize the significant impact UF had in my life. I became a life member of the UF Alumni Association to the next generation of professionals and with the hope that my three sons follow my path to Gainesville!"

Centennial Life Members

Thank you to those listed below, as well as our anonymous members, for their generous contributions as Centennial Life Members. The Centennial Life campaign commemorated the 100 year anniversary of the University of Florida Alumni Association.

Elizabeth Abbott
Charity and Paul Ackerman
Karen Acree
Myra and James Adee
Pamela Africk
Sharon Agner
Jimmy Alfonso
Mary and Wayne Alford
Karyn Allee-Herndon
Dianne Allen
Marcia Allen
Richard Almeida
Judith and Harvey Alper
Laura and Benjamin Ammons
Ruth Anderson
Joe Andrews
Jonathan Andrews
William Andrews
Glenda Anthony
James Antinori
Orlando Arana
George Arcos
Thomas Arnold
Jennifer Ashford
Michael Ashley
Bethany Atkins and Chip Hendrick
Jeanette Bailey
Julie Baker
Lloyd Baldwin
Allen Ball
Garry Banks
T. Richard Barber
Kristi and Charles Barberie
Deborah and Prescott Barkow
Teresa Barnette
William Barnhart
Melanie Barr-Allen
Donna Barrio
Lauren and Michael Barry
April Bass
Anindya Basu
Christian Bauer
Mark Beaman
William Beatty
Rebeca Bechily
Linda and Dexter Beck
Anthony Beebe
Betsy and Thomas Beers
Walter Beers
Marylou Behnke
Juanita Beidelman
William Belote
Raymond Bergsten
Myron Bilak
Judith Bjorn
Gilles Blais
Peter Blitstein
Bonnie Boerema
David Boneparth
Ernest Bordini
Linda Borgia
Jessica Boudreau Hardin
Sandra Boutros
Terryl Bowen
Richard Bowles
Edward Bowns
Rebbecca and Daniel Boyce
Judy and David Boyd
Bo Boyte
Robert Bozeman
Robert Bracco
Mary and Robert Bracey
Donald Braddock
William Braddock
Jane Bradley
Danon Brantley
Cristy and Mark Braun
Crystal Bravate
Charlotte Bray
K. C. Brewington
J. Chris Bristow
Charles Brown
Linda and Kenneth Brown
Norman Brown
David Broye
Christopher Bryan
Donald Bryan
Gail Bryan-Besteman and Arthur Besteman
James Bryant
Thomas Bucci
Christopher Bucciarelli
Angelina and James Buchanan
Marlene and John Buckles
Charles Bunton
Thomas Buono
Brian Burgoon
Frederick Burnett
Radha and Joe Burns
Clarence Bush
John Buslinger
Harold Butts
Edward Cadow
Robert Caldwell
Leilani and Theodore Campbell
Pablo Canovas
Maria Carantzas
Margaret Cardillo
Fran Carlton
Lisa and Brett Carmel
Emily Carpenter
Kristin Carter
Michelle and Gregory Castronover
Brandi and Gregory Catalanotte
Justin Catches
Susan Cavallaro
Jennifer and Gregory Chace
Patricia Chamings
Sandra and Michael Chance
James Chapin
Loraine Chapin
Leslie Chapman-Henderson
Elisia and Sudhir Chapnerkar
Richard Charron
Avis Chen-Boulter
Beth and Richard Childs
Sandy and Raymond Chow
Joseph Ciavarella
Susan Cistone
Jack Coe
Brian Coffin
Gregory Coican
Mark Coican
Peter Congiundi
Debbie and Michael Conlon
Robin and Christian Conrad
Alice Constant
Judith Cook Parks
Susan Cook
Mary Copeland and Jose Gonzalez
Lisa and Bill Cork
Myrna and Kenneth Courage
Paul Couturier
Patricia and James Cowdery
Constance Cox
Derrick Cox
Shannon Cox
Ila and B. Shawn Crocker
William Cross
Amy and Christian Crumpacker
Gabino Cuevas
Martha and Richard Curl
Terry Curry
Hazel Cypen
David Cyr
David Dalton
Amanda and Thomas Daniels
Jeffrey Daniels
Ashley Darbo
Anne Davis
Helen and Marshal Davis
Jacqueline Davis
John Davis
Kern Davis
LeAnn Davis
Ryan Davis
Scott Davis
Suellen and Jody Davis
Wendell Davis
Fonda Davis-Eyler
Jonathan Day
Priscilla and Dennis Day
Dawn DeBien
Michael DeBien
Timothy DeBolt
Alicia and Jonathan Decker
Theodore Deckert
Vicki and Randall DeHayes
Neil DeLeon
Darlene DeMarie
Nina and Sean DeMartino
Richard Demme
Irene and Henry Denoncourt
Geoffrey DePass
Alison DeSouza
Ferdinand DeVega
Roger DeVore
Fred Diamond
Dennis Diaz
Karolyn and Philip DiComo
Kristin Dietrich
Debra and John Dillingham
Christina and Brian DiMaio
Anthony DiMarino
Thomas DiMarino
Hugh Dinkler
Thomas Dixon
Betsy Dobson
Matthew Dolliver
Tanya Dorhout
Sally Dorn
Kenneth Douberly
James Driscoll
Susanne Dudley
Stephanie and Bruce Duncan
Francesca Duran
Douglas Dycus
Marjorie and William Eagan
Bill Ebersole
Curtis Ebitz
Pamela Edwards
John Egusquiza
Kathleen Eison
Christopher Eissman
Jules Elliott
Brendan Ellis
Brian Ellis
Sam Engel
Beverly and Hugh English
Lisa Esposito and Scott Strange
Cricket and David Evans
Nancy Evans
Robert Evans
Cathy Evans-Tombrink
Cindy and Randall Ezell
Laurie and Steven Farkas
David Feitsma
David Ferguson
William Ferguson
Manuel Fermin
Barton Field
Mark Figura
Arline and Ronald Finch
Sally Finlay
Frederick Fisher
Georgia Fisher
Christina and N. Flagg
Kimberly Flowers
Courtney Floyd Zinke and Matthew Zinke
Louis Forget
Lisa Foronda
Kyle Forrer
Joan Forrest
Kara Foundas
Cornelia Fountain
Nancy Francella
Michael Frank
Vernon Franke
Jed Frankel
G. Thomas Frankland
Jill and Benjamin Freeman
James Fried
Richard Fronek
Sarah Fry
Michael Frye
Karen and Douglas Gabbert
Elizabeth and James Gadsby
Juan Galan
Jane Galik
David Garcia
David Gardner
Kay Garrison
Angela Garzia
Michael Geary
Richard Gentry
William Giberson
Kurt Gies
Ardel and Steven Gill
Laura Gillman
Jack Glasser
David Glinter
Michael Godcharles
Gerald Godwin
Jeanna Goldberg
Peter Goldberg
Amy Goldberger
Denise and Michael Goldman
Angela Gomez
Christina and Gerardo Gomez
Andrea and Rory Goodwin
Marcos Gorfinkel
Maria Gorniewicz
Martha and John Graham
Alecia Graham-Bolling
Mike Grandey
Tony Grant
Thomas Graser
Brittany Gravley
Cheryl Gray
Elizabeth and Matthew Green
Allen Greene
Ira Griffith
David Grosnoff
Maureen and Allan Guarino
Marlene and Frederic Guerrier
Bill Gulliford
Kathleen and Bill Gunter
Diane Haines
Roberta Hall
Rachel and Jason Haman
John Hamlin
Carissa and Yon Hammel
Joe Hancock
Jeffrey Harrington
Jennifer and Edd Harrison
Michael Harstad
Lee Hauer
Geraldine Hayden and Steven Edwards
Patrick Hayden
Brian Hayes
Gregory Hayes
Anne and Steven Hays
Angelique Hazard
Albert Hazen
R. Douglas Hazen
Jennifer and Matthew Heekin
Jan Heflinger
Holdo Hellman
Adam Heltemes
Evelyn Hemp
Darrall Henderson
Reid Henson
E. Lamar Hicks
Kimberly and Robert Hicks
Milton Hill
Virginia and David Hill
Chelsa and Joe Hilliard
Cara Hobbs
Marilyn Hochman and Rickey Hayes
Julie Honan
John Hopkins
Douglas Horn
Lynn Howe
Richard Howell
W. Christian Hoyer
Xinyan Huang
Robert Hueckstaedt
Daniel Hunt
G. E. Hunt
James Hunter
Patricia Hurtado de Mendoza
Amy Husted
Kennis Hyder
Christopher Hyers
Kimberly Ingram
Kirsten and Jason Ireson
A. McArthur Irvin
Kerry Jackson
Richard Jane
April and Daniel Jarboe
Marietta and Thomas Jennings
Walter Jewett
Deidre Joffe
Sandra and Steven Johns
Charles Johnson
Donald Johnson
Duncan Johnson
Julie Johnson
Patricia and Sherwood Johnson
Thomas Johnson
Richard Johnston
Allen Jones
Curtis Jones
Linda and W. Allen Jones
Michael Jones
Thomas Jones
Ellen Joseph
Michelle and Steven Kabak
Marilyn and Robert Kairalla
Deborah Kaplan
Corine Kasler
Katherine Kato
Sharon Kaufman
Joan Kaywell
James Kazaros
Robert Kazaros
Susan Keegans
Candice and Rhett Keene
Karlie Kelley and John Ryan
Maxie Kelly
Andre Kennedy
Keith Ketchman
Daniel Kidder
Eleanor and Randolph Kientz
Jennifer King
Marcia King
Maxwell King
Patricia King and Jonathan Paine
Paula and Jack Kirtland
Nicole Klatsky
Carla and Russell Klepper
Donna and C. David Knudsen
Melody Kohl
Bryan Kornblau
Robert Krause
Maribeth Krupczak and Robert Dowd
A. Bruce Kujawa
Nadine LaBell
Pamela and Sidney LaCroix
Lindsey Lamb
Warren Lampert
Betty and Jack Lampros
Lisa Langford
Mark Langley
Kimberly Laughlin
Nancy Leader
Honore LeBrun
Charles Lechner
Jennifer Leggett and Claude Thomas
Laura and BeauLentz
Lon Lentz
Charlene Leonard
Jack Leonard
Eric LeSage
George Levy
Heather and Adam Lewin
Margaret Lezcano
Timothy Lightfoot
Yan Liu and Xue Fang
Christina Lockwood
Teresa Longphee
Albert Losch
Matthew Lupco
R. Terry Lyle
Mary Lynn
Donald Lyons
Jean Macaluso
Jocelyn and Christopher MacNair
Judith Maddox
Paula and James Magee
Julie Magura
Marie and Ronald Mahan
Rebecca and Kevin Maher
Paula Maiberger
Edvin Malagic
Eunice Malave and Carlos Castillo
Monique and Richard Malzahn
Michelle Mandich
George Mann
Gary Manton
Suzanne and Robert Maphis
Robert Marble
Joe Marconi
Katie and Brian Marquis
Terry Marsh
Albert Marshall
Challis Marshall
Liefje and Samuel Marshall
Gary Martin
Nancy Martin and Thomas Klinker
Sherri Martin
Zoila Martins
Jon Mason
Sharon and Alexander Mason
Tom Massengill
Lori Mattox
Steven Mattson
Kevin Mayeux
Daniel Maysilles
David McBride
J. Michael McCarthy
T. Edward McClamma
Anita and Sam McClelland
Marisa McClure
Deborah and Robert McCracken
Susan and Alan McDaniel
Laurinda and G. Laurinda McEachern
David McGuire
Milton McKelvie
John McKey
Jack McKinney
Bobby McKown
Margaret McLaughlin
Gayle and Mark McLaurin
Sylvia and Howard McNulty
Kerry Meade
Grant Menikoff
D. Michael Miller
Leslie and Robert Miller
Steven Miller
Cheryl and Garrett Mills
Douglas Mills
Mary and James Milton
Bryan Mitchell
Fran Mixson
Kathryn Mizereck
Bonnie and Stanley Moles
Norton Montague
Benjamin Moore
Deirdre and Ernest Moore
Dorothy and William Moore
Elizabeth Moore
Joan Moore
Mary and Thomas Moore
Jeffery Moretto
David Morrison
Stephanie and Stephen Mounts
Jean and Jon Moyle
Thomas Mueller
Michael Mullin
Stephen Munday
John Murphy
Kami and Jackson Murphy
William Murphy
Debbie Murray-DeFoe and James DeFoe
Frances Muse
Natale Naccarato
Suzan Nash
Christopher Nault
Lois and David Neal
Theresa Nenezian
Karen Nesbitt
Lisa Nesbitt
Blake Nestok
Nelson Newbold
Ann and Brant Newland
Christine Niederpruem
Suzanne Niedland
Edward Noga
Alyssa Nohren
Audree Norett
Erin and Corey Noxon
Timothy Nugent
David Nute
Charles Nuttall
Joan and Michael Nyland
Kathleen O'Brien
Tracy O'Sullivan
Paula and Jonathan Oakes
David Oellerich
Deanne and Martin Ojeda
Rick Oleshak
Frances and Angel Oliva
Edmund Olson
Chester Opalsky
Lori and Gary Opper
Alberto Ortez
Yamil Ortiz
Christine Osborn
Roberto Padron
Timothy Pae
Mark Page
Kathleen and Joseph Paquin
Karen and James Park
Donovan Parker
F. Marshall Parker
Maria Parker
Gael and Charles Paschall
Carole Patterson
Matthew Paynter
Ruth Peacock and Michael Tilghman
Giovanna and Eric Peburn
Kathleen and James Pellicane
Frederick Pellum
Steven Pepper
Linda and Peter Perkel
Sean Peterkin
Mary and Richard Petry
Katherine Petsos
Thomas Pfeil
Aaron Phelps
Scott Phelps
Maurice Phillips
Jean and George Pickhardt
Herbert Pickle
Evan Plotka
Lisa and Jeffrey Plummer
Vincent Polizatto
James Polkinghorn
Joan Pollak
Melissa Polo
S. Daniel Ponce
Bessie Pope
John Pope
Margo Pope
Tamra Pope
Kathy and Larry Popeil
Deborah Porter
Joseph Posillico
Lydia and Barry Post
John Powell
Marsha and George Powell
Vicki and H. Reece Powell
Chris Pracitto
Maureen and Billy Price
Robert E. Price
Robert S. Price
Stephen Price
Judy Lynn Prince
Donald Prokes
Edward Puffer
Nancy Quereau
Sylvia and George Quinoy
Brett Railey
Larry Rambach
Neil Ramo
David Rankin
Bruce Ransom
Patrick Ratchford
Roxana and Donald Rawley
Estrellita Redmon
Ruth Reed
Matthew Reilly
John Remington
Ronald Renuart
Michael Reuschel
Javier Rey
James Rice
Patty Jo Rice
Kimberly and Brian Richards
Brenda and Eston Ricketson
Richard Ridge
Duane Rigby
William Riley
Stephanie Rimmer
Ronald Roan
Vernon Roan
Randall Roberts
Roy Roberts
Stephanie Robertson-McGovern and Warren McGovern
Lucia and Julio Robla
John Rocher
J. Jason Rodda
Peggy Rodebush
Ann and Ralph Rodgers
Sam Rodgers
Robbie and Geoffrey Roepstorff
Bonnie Rogers and Michael Zerofsky
Mary Rogers
Ingrid and Gerald Rosenthal
Terry and Alexander Rosin
Janice and Raymond Ross
Stevenson Rosslow
Rhonda and Mitchel Roth
Lorin Roth-Keating and Gary Keating
Arlene Rothman
Huey Rowe-Anderson
Kimberly Rowland
Christopher Roy
Jonathan Rubin
Peggy Russell
Phillip Russell
Michael Ryan
Michael Rywant
Pamela and Mark Saari
Phyllis and Arthur Saarinen
Rhonda Said
Catherine and L. Gray Sanders
Donna Sanford
John Sansbury
Sonya Saskin
Ronna and David Sasser
Edwin Scales
Cora and Ronald Scharnweber
Elizabeth Schaub
Nancy Schermerhorn
Ross Schilling
Cecelia and Ronald Schlagheck
Sandra and Alvin Schlechter
Brian Schneider
Ronald Schram
Faith Schullstrom
Joseph Schulz
Charles Schumacher
Bradley Schwartz
Kris Schwartz
James Schwartzburg
James Scott
Patti and Robert Secrist
William Seefeldt
Michelle and Richard Sellers
Leslie Semrau
Christine and Jeremy Sensenig
Kathleen Sexton
Karen Seyfert
Richard Seyfried
Carol and John Shade
Mark Shelton
John Shepherd
Robert Sherwood
Valerie Shields
Richard Short
Helene and Ryan Shute
Rhonda Sibilia
Leon Sikes
Linda and J. Herbert Silber
William Silverbach
Lorianne and Kelly Sims
Joyce Skaff
Clyde Skene
George Slaterpryce
Patricia Slattery
Kimberly Sley
Elliott Sloas
Harold Sloas
Alicia Smith
April and Archie Smith
Brenayl and Robert Smith
David Smith
Dee Ann and W. Crit Smith
Drane Smith
Howard Smith
Irvin Smith
James Smith
John Smith
Michael Smith
Todd Smith
William Smith
Orianna Snook
Nancy Soderholm
John Sootin
Robert Spangler
Martin Sperry
Ruth-Ann Spinosa
Rachel and Christopher Spiro
Robert Sprole
Donna St. Angelo
Bernhard Stalzer
Adriana and Steven Stam
Alan Starling
Linda and J. Alex Stearns
Emily and Brian Steffes
Angela and Roy Stephens
Denise Stevens and Thomas Munyer
Lisa Stokes
Valerie Storms
Karen Streiff
Tina Stroud
Maria Suarez and Edward Sullivan
Patricia Sullivan
Nancy Surrency
Theresa and Douglas Sutter
Douglas Sutton
Brett Swigert
Deborah Tagliarini
Randy Talbot
Joseph Tanner
Sherry and James Terpening
Karen and Stephen Terry
Marsha Teske
Butch Tew
James Tharp
Dorine and Rhys Thomas
Kristina Thomas
Michele Thomas
Scott Thomas
Carin and Christopher Thomley
Anita Thompson
Eleanor and Jay Thompson
Sarah Thompson
Joanne and Christopher Todd
Cindy Tolbert
Michael Tolson
Carol Touhy
Christopher Trad
Monty Trainer
Scott Trenor
Paul Tripp
Mark Trowbridge
Cecilia and Richard Truesdale
Edmund Tubel
Catherine Tucker
Ralph Turlington
Nathaniel Turnbull
Suzanne and William Turner
Tricia Turner
Alison and William Tycoliz
Linda and Thom Tyler
Ann Tyree
Joseph Van Ness
Charles Van Tine
Dale Vargas
Mark Varney
Bryan Veith
Clowers Vernon
Grela Viera
Roy Vinson
Vincent Vintage
Laura Vlahakis
Alice and Daniel Wade
Rick Waelti
Bill Wagner
Eric Wagner
Timothy Wagner
William Wagner
Corey Wald
David Waldrop
Carol and Russ Walker
Karen and Erik Walker
Kevin Walker
Karmen Wall and Gregory Goddard
Richmond Waller
Helme Walter
Jeanne and Michael Walworth
Yangbin Wang
Gerald Ward
Alfred Warrington
John Wasson
John Waterman
Michael Watkins
Christine and William Watson
Gary Watson
Joni Watson
Robert Waxlax
Brian Webb
L. Dean Webb
Carol and Larry Weber
Joel Weber
Mario Weber
Joy Weikert
Craig Weinstein
Lauren Weisman
Jeffrey Weiss
Michele Weizer
Emelia and Jack Welber
T. Darlene and James Welch
Andrew West
Brian Westmoreland
Michelle Wheeler
Clifford White
Harold White
Jim White
William White
Richard Wilcox
Richard Wilde
Caroline Williams
James Williams
Lynn Williams
Peggy and Bruce Williams
T. Merrell Williams
Amy and Billy Wilson
Jeffrey Wilson
Monique and Roy Wilson
Jeremy Winstel
Tore Wistedt
William Wolfram
Mark Wolfson
Nancy Wolter
Barbara and Richard Wood
Cullen and Steven Wood
Mary and John Wood
Carol Woodbury
Victoria Woods
Donald Workman
Camille Worsnop
Daniel Worthington
David Wynacht
Nancy and Robert Yacabucci
Heidi Young
Richard Young
Nicole and Stephen Yudin
John Zabalo
Laura Zappi
Kelly Zarzycki
Larry Zeichner
Mark Zolner
Jeffrey Zumarraga