International Gator Contacts

You can find Gator alumni in 138 countries worldwide! As The Gator Nation® spans the globe, the University of Florida Alumni Association is dedicated to ensuring that no matter where you live, you can remain true to your orange and blue with a strong Gator network.
UFAA Gator Clubs® are organizations affiliated with the UF Alumni Association that exist to support the University of Florida's mission of teaching, research and service. Striving to meet the needs of the members in its area, each Club tailors itself to the uniqueness of the community it serves.

To better serve our international alumni, we ask you to update your contact information by visiting here. You can also stay connected and informed by joining the Alumni Association. For more information about membership and to join, visit here

If there is not an established international contact where you are and you wish to start a Gator Club®, we invite you to expand the presence of the Gator Nation® by emailing

International Alumni Contacts


Paul Ghiotto
Facebook page


Marc Weisinger — Toronto, Ontario

Central Europe

Ivan Rybar — Prague, Czech Republic


Daniel Aguirre Azócar — Santiago


Dr. Chonghua Zhang — Beijing

Chase Williams — Shanghai

Costa Rica

Charles Herrington - San Jose                          


Frank Ebel — Baghdad


Kayla Adams


Randy Bennett


Alana Rush — Bandra West


David Jiménez — Panama City

Rafael Fernandez — Panama City


Luis Quintanilla Chacón — Lima

Philippines — Manila

Scott Myers

South Korea

Ray Kerr - Seoul        

Annika Wreder

Stephen Smith — Bangkok