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Vitrazza pioneered the Glass Office Chair Mat concept, the premium alternative to worn-out plastic mats. In 2012, George Pardo (90’) and wife Lezlee (89’), bought a small business that sold the product to local dealers. By 2016, Vitrazza had developed shipping and e-commerce capabilities and...

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Paragon 28, Inc.

In 2010, Paragon 28® was established as an orthopedic foot and ankle company. The name “Paragon 28” was chosen to show that we are exclusively a foot and ankle company, with the “28” representing the number of bones in the foot. We will remain true to that vision. Paragon 28® was started as a...

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Mainstay Salire, LLC

Mainstay helps clients quantify and communicate the business value of technology. The company creates the business case to prioritize the right investments and position IT as a business enabler, as well as position solutions into the enterprise market by developing a value proposition. ...

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SSP Innovations LLC

SSP Innovations is a relationship and education-oriented Esri Platinum Partner and provider of utility, telco and pipeline solutions. SSP offers leading, Esri-centric products and services including implementation, customization, training, support, upgrades, and integrations. A three-time winner...