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Vitrazza pioneered the Glass Office Chair Mat concept, the premium alternative to worn-out plastic mats. In 2012, George Pardo (90’) and wife Lezlee (89’), bought a small business that sold the product to local dealers. By 2016, Vitrazza had developed shipping and e-commerce capabilities and...

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Bearbottom Clothing

Bearbottom Clothing aims to be the go-to online men’s apparel brand for everyday comfort. The brand’s casual and activewear collections are designed with an emphasis on versatility, fit, and value. Leveraging a buy-one-give-one model, Bearbottom has donated over 100,000 pairs of children’s...

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Action Equipment

Action Equipment was founded in 2007 by architect and general contractor Bruno-Elias Ramos. The ACTION team has over 100 years of combined experience in the equipment and rental industry, and continues to learn every day how to perfect a service plan that keeps customers’ needs first. ...

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DOME HEADWEAR CO. provides the best in custom headwear to brands, people, lifestyles and schools nationwide. With unique and powerful partnerships, they have over 300 custom headwear distributors across the country. Proudly based in Jacksonville, Florida, the founders, Jeff Whitaker and Chris...

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Greek House

Greek House provides promotional apparel and accessories to businesses, fundraisers, student groups, and organizations of all sizes. Our platform is made specifically for ordering custom apparel and accessories to shorten the typically lengthy apparel process down to just a few steps. Our...

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Formally Kitchen Resource Direct is a nationwide online retailer of assembled and ready-to-assemble kitchen and bath cabinets, with offices in Tampa and Maitland. provides free professional kitchen design services, including 3-D renderings, as well as detailed...