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RTW Photography 

03-25-2024 12:00

RTW Photography started as Ride The Wave Photography. In 2016, our Founder and CEO, Derrious Robinson, picked up a camera in an effort to showcase the latest fashion trends. As the company continued to grow, the focus shifted to encompass all photography – specifically portrait photography.

In 2017, the RTW Photography as we know it today, was born. Derrious and Tre, both classmates and fraternity brothers, saw an opportunity to join forces and grow the business. Originally sought after by college students across the state of Florida, RTW became well-known for its iconic graduation photos.

In 2018, the company continued to expand. We set our sights on becoming a wedding photographer. In June of 2018 we had the opportunity to shoot our first wedding….and we killed! For the remainder of the year we continued to expand our wedding photography services, began providing services to small businesses and purchased our first photo booth.

In 2019 We added our third partner, LaVell Monger, to the company. His passion for story-telling and knowledge of cinematography is what we needed to take our company to the next level. During 2019, we expanded our wedding services to include videography, and we also expanded our commercial services.

In 2020, RTW hosted its first class of interns, which consisted of 3 interns from the University of Central Florida. We also invested in live-streaming technology and opened our first Studio in the Parramore Community of Downton Orlando.

Gator Leader

Derrious Robinson, BS ‘13


Walter ‘Tre’ Idlette III, AA ’09, BSAC ’11




Orlando, FL

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2024: Rank 31



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