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Stretch Zone 

03-25-2024 15:35

Stretch Zone was founded in Miami, FL in 2004 by Jorden Gold,
one of the world's foremost experts in practitioner-assisted
stretching. After successfully improving his grandfather's physical
limitations caused by diabetes through practitioner-assisted
stretching, Gold was inspired to scale his approach and make it
available to the masses.

“My grandfather was my best friend my entire life, and in later
years from complications of diabetes he became bedridden.
I decided to stretch him every day,” he recalled. “In about a year’s
time I got him from not walking, to a walker, to a cane, to dancing
at my cousin’s wedding, and I knew I had to scale it.”

Stretch Zone has experienced unprecedented growth,
surpassing 300 locations nationwide as of Q2 of 2023.
Stretch Zone had a remarkable 2022, with a
55% increase in new locations. Amazingly,
Stretch Zone has never had a studio close to date.
President and CEO Tony Zaccario
has set the brand on its growth
trajectory, continually solidifying
Stretch Zone’s ascension to the top
of its category, while building
credibility with record-setting
performance in the industry.

-Our patented strapping system and proprietary
tables isolate and stabilize muscles.

-Certified practitioners provide effective and
efficient stretches.

-The Stretch Zone Method adjusts stretch reflexes
and retrains the nervous system.

Our proprietary method helps clients:
+ Feel Lighter & Younger
+ Relieve Stiffness & Soreness
+ Enhance Physical & Athletic Performance
+ Increase & Maintain Range of Motion

The Stretch Zone Method
includes our 3, 5, 7 intensity
scale that our practitioners
use to communicate with
clients and gauge each

Our practitioners undergo a rigorous certification
process in the Stretch Zone Method, a nationally
recognized certification approved by the National
Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage &
Bodywork. Stretch Zone is recognized and
awarded the esteemed designation of Board
Approved Continuing Education Provider.

Our Master Practitioners lead a comprehensive
hands-on training and certification program.
Prior to being able to work in a Stretch Zone
Studio, all practitioners must attend a one-week
program and pass an exam to be certified.

Gator Leader

Tony Zaccario, BS ‘14

Chairman and CEO


Consumer Products and Services


Ft Lauderdale, FL

Years Honored
2024: Rank 16



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