Nathan Blinn




Nathan Blinn

MSCM '15, PhD '18  Henrico, VA

Nathan Blinn, MSCM ’15, PhD ’18, is the VP of Construction & Strategic Innovation at Eagle Construction of VA and the Principal Researcher of archi-TEC-tonic. A native of New Hampshire, Nathan received his Ph.D. and master’s degrees from the University of Florida and a B.S. in Architecture from Roger Williams University. While in architecture school, Nathan found his passion for advanced construction technologies and uncovering ways to “build better” as an industry. This led Nathan to UF where he conducted extensive research and taught at the M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management. In 2018 Nathan joined Eagle Construction and established archi-TEC-tonic, a new technology division, with the goal of propelling Eagle to the forefront of the industry and becoming the builder of the future. 

Nathan is primarily responsible for the innovation and integration of advanced construction technologies and processes throughout Eagle’s business and has made an outsized impact on the organization in a short period of time. Beyond Eagle, Nathan works to reduce the technological barrier to entry for trade partners, residential AEC professionals, and affordable housing organizations to meaningfully disrupt the industry at is core. As part of his work Nathan continues to be involved with UF and other institutions, providing mentorship and internships, conducting guest lectures, and partnering on innovative and progressive research projects. The spirit of continuous improvement is key to everything Nathan does. Leveraging his diverse educational, research, and industry backgrounds, Nathan strives to develop teams, workflows, projects, communities, and strategies which improve the way the world builds.

Nathan and his wife Andrea, BSCM ’14, live in Henrico, VA. He will be serving his first term on the UFAA Board of Directors; his term will expire 6/30/2026.