Student Engagement


Florida Cicerones are the governing body of Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow (STAT). Within Florida Cicerones, the Engagement Committee is dedicated to enhancing the student experience through the membership benefits of STAT. This committee hosts STAT Member Appreciation Week on campus each semester that includes giveaways with Gator merchandise, food and games for all members of STAT. The Engagement Committee aims to connect the student body with the alumni association as well as create an environment to foster these relationships. 

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Beat Tee Giveaways

The Beat Tee Committee collaborates with a graphic designer to help create a t-shirt design for football season as well as runs the Beat Tee giveaway events. At these events, members of STAT wait in line outside of Emerson Alumni Hall for one of the 1,500 shirts being given away. These shirts are a great way to show your Gator pride for all sporting events!

UF Traditions

Florida Cicerones strive to keep UF traditions alive by creating the F-Book and connecting Gators to one another. Student members of STAT can get involved in tradition keeping by downloading The Gator Nation App to virtually log their traditions and submit photos to be featured in the upcoming F-Book. 


Gator Nation Tailgates

Every home football game, Florida Cicerones help staff the Gator Nation tailgates to welcome back UF alumni and Gator fans alike. We interact with over one thousand guests at each of these events and thoroughly enjoy the unrivaled spirit of the fans we host. Student Life Members of STAT are welcome to bring two complimentary guests!