Board Positions and Descriptions

President – The President shall preside at all Club, Board, and Executive Committee meetings, appoint chairs and committee members and perform such other duties as prescribed in Gator Club bi-laws. The President is authorized on behalf of the Club to sign any reports required by law or by the board or the UF Alumni Association or otherwise incident to the office. The office of President is limited to a maximum of four one year terms.

President Elect – The President Elect shall perform the duties of the President in the absence or disability of the President.  President Elect is typically a precursor, although not required to being elected President.

Secretary – The Secretary shall record the minutes of all Board meetings and perform such other duties as may be delegated by the board.

Treasurer – The Treasurer shall have custody of all the funds of the Club, keep an accurate account of the receipts and expenditures and make disbursements as authorized by the board. The Treasurer shall present a financial statement at such times as requested by the board. File financial reports as required by the UF Alumni Association. The treasurer shall be responsible for the maintenance of such books of account and records as necessary. The office of Treasurer is limited to a maximum of four one year terms. 

Aside from the four mandatory positions, the following are some other board positions and their functions:

Academic Vice-President - The Academic VP is responsible for promoting support for the various academic programs at the University.  S/he will work closely with UFAA on student recruitment efforts and coordination of club scholarship selection and distribution.  He/she will chair the Gator Club® Student Recruitment Committee, which organizes programs and events to better inform high school students and administrators of the academic curriculum and admission standards of the University of Florida (Admissions seminars and College Fairs). 

Membership Vice President - The membership VP spreads the word about the great benefits of membership in the local Gator Club and helps plan membership drives and assist in registering new members at programs and events. The Membership VP will also report membership numbers and updates of the local club to the local board.

Athletic Vice President - The Athletic VP works directly with the Association and the Gator Booster Office as the liaison between the Athletic Association and the Gator Club® membership.  Because of the complexity of the NCAA rules and regulations, the Athletic VP should always contact the University Athletic Association (UAA) for clarification concerning any event or activity involving local high school student athletes, coaches or athletic directors. 

Young Alumni Coordinator - The Young Alumni Coordinator works to identify the needs of alumni who are age 35 and younger. The YAC works to develop and coordinate programs that would be of interest to the Young Alumni group such as community service projects, career networking events, and social activities. The Young Alumni coordinator reports directly to the Gator Club® President.                  

Communications Vice President - The Communications VP is responsible for the creation and coordination of communications to the local club and its membership. This includes the club website, e-mail lists, and social media avenues (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram).

Director At Large – A Director At Large is a multi-functional position. Directors step up and help the Club on an as needed, where needed basis. This position is important as there are always a variety of tasks that need to be addressed at Club events and functions. There can be multiple Director at Large officers on the board at the same time. This is also a great first position for new board members to hold.